men’s health

Glow confronts male infertility in reproduction app

Fertility app developer Glow turned its attention to men with a new app section that confronts issues relevant to this audience.  But will it lead to more men taking an active role in addressing this sensitive issue? The smartphone app helps users log daily activities and lifestyle information, then analyzes the data to give men […]

A no-snip, long-term male contraceptive is almost ready for human trials

It’s not quite as simple or noninvasive as swallowing a pill, but a new form of male birth control is on target to begin human clinical trials next year, according to its developers. It’s called Vasalgel, and it’s a non-hormonal contraceptive that’s similar to a vasectomy, except without any cutting involved. Instead, the technique involves […]

Devices & Diagnostics

Crowdfunding a diaper-shaped ice bag for damaged testicles A new medical device company thinks it has an innovative approach to help with the recovery process for penis and scrotum injuries. It’s raising $75,000 on crowdfunding website “B a Med Founder” to advance its Epiditi scrotal ice pack with the helpful catchphrase, “Cool the Jewels!” Short Hills, New Jersey-based Gallen Technologies said its […]

Devices & Diagnostics

New non-invasive test for prostate cancer may identify severity of tumor also

  Exosome Diagnostic, Inc., has developed a revolutionary non-invasive approach to molecular diagnostic testing that is gaining popularity, especially in the field of prostate cancer detection and prognosis. The company, based in New York, was founded in 2008 and has licensed its proprietary exosome technology from Massachusetts General Hospital for use in the development of […]