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Employers health group CEO: we need to focus on “real reform”

Long before healthcare reform, medical home, and quality metrics became today’s buzz words, there was the Buyers Health Care Action Group (BHCAG). Founded in 1988, the coalition of large Minnesota companies, including 3M, Target, Medtronic, Best Buy, and General Mills, pioneered concepts of paying doctors for good performance and promoting transparency in the quality and […]


Minnesota launches ambitious pay for performance program

To improve healthcare in Minnesota, the state is now offering providers a little more than the proverbial pat on the back. Earlier this month, Minnesota health officials launched an incentive-based payment system for hospitals and ambulatory firms who treat state employees and patients enrolled in the state’s health insurance programs. Providers who compare favorably to […]


Minnesota doctors silent on possible nurses strike against hospitals

With Twin Cities nurses now poised to strike indefinitely against local hospitals, the debate has descended into the familiar roles of hardworking, resourceful  nurses versus financially besieged hospitals, with both groups claiming the role of patient advocate. But one crucial voice has been noticeably silent — the doctors. On the top issue dividing the Minnesota […]


Minnesota Nice means never having to say you’re fired

Minnesota Nice is a not so flattering term that refers to a certain passive aggressiveness among the state’s residents, a tendency to complain about things that bug us, but we do everything we can to avoid direct conflict. I thought of this after reading a story this morning in the Star Tribune of Minneapolis. The […]


Ohio State Medical Association: Save Medicare today!

The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) and the Minnesota Medical Association have joined a petition drive to urge Congress to fix what they consider a flawed Medicare payment formula that could drive some doctors out of the system. Medical associations nationwide had hoped President Obama and Congress would take care of the onerous Sustainable Growth […]


Public Citizen report slams Minnesota Medical Board

Is the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice too lax on discipline, or are Minnesota doctors  just that good? Public Citizen, the consumer watchdog group founded by Ralph Nader, released a stinging report Monday that calls Minnesota the worst state in the nation in punishing wayward docs. From 2007 to 2009, Minnesota issued only 1.07 serious […]