Mobi LLC


Medical Facebook apps: Where one company stands

Facebook, Twitter and all other things social media are a tougher sell in the HIPAA-filled world of healthcare. Companies want a piece of that world (they think), but it's harder to find a fit, and eventually, a return on investment in health than in a field like consumer technology. But Minneapolis startup Mobi has an approach worth sharing. The company's crutch comes with a "MobiE-signing" option -- Facebook friends can create designs ("skins") online that patients can order and have pasted over their crutches (pre-market price for the skins: $44).


Fun (and balance) with crutches!

By circumstance and design, crutches are not pleasant devices. If you need a set, it’s a good bet you did something that your knee, leg, or foot did not appreciate. In other words, crutches are just so darn depressing! Jeff Weber certainly thought so. Five years ago, the Minneapolis-based industrial designer broke his heel after […]