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How to Ensure Health Equity Isn’t Just a Buzzword

Some healthcare organizations have reduced health equity to a buzzword, using the phrase superficially without a true commitment to dismantling systemic barriers. During a webinar, two industry leaders — AMA President Jesse Ehrenfeld and Emory Healthcare Chief Transformation Officer Amaka Eneanya — discussed why this approach must be avoided and explored how leaders can do better.

Health Tech

LLMs Can Perpetuate Harmful Ideas About Race-Based Medicine, Study Shows

A new study led by Stanford researchers tested four commercially available LLMs and found that they all could potentially cause harm by breeding inaccurate, racist information. For example, all models tried to justify race-based medicine when asked questions about calculating patients’ kidney function and lung capacity — two areas where race-based medicine practices used to be common but have since been scientifically refuted.