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GLP-1s Alone Are Not the Answer to America’s Obesity and Chronic Illness Crises

Obesity/overweight is a significant causal factor in chronic illness and cancer. Weight loss can help people with obesity/overweight avoid and/or manage chronic illness. GLP-1s cause weight loss. So, are GLP-1s the answer to America’s obesity and chronic illness crises? Not if we overlook a key problem at the heart of both challenges: lack of access to nutritious food in the land of plenty.

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ACO REACH Challenging to Succeed in First Year But Tools Can Help

To succeed in ACO Reach, groups need to accurately identify the social determinants of health (SDoH) barriers affecting their patient population and determine which barriers could be addressed effectively. Some technology can accurately note specific SDoH risk factors facing a given patient and offer targeted intervention recommendations based on that patient’s unique SDoH risk factors.

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From Inequality to Empowerment: The Role of Automation Technologies in Healthcare

Automation can be a powerful tool to bring together all the pieces needed to provide optimal care that can be scattered across various systems and apps. Whether it’s to exchange patient data quickly and easily, identify communities in need of programs to address food inequity, or reduce no-shows by sending automatic reminders, using the right technology is an essential tool for achieving better patient care.

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6 Highlights from HLTH 2022

Among the takeaways from HLTH 2022 were the impact of consolidation on clinicians, behavioral health tools to help consumers manage stress and anxiety more productively, and how health tech and medtech companies are supporting remote patient monitoring and testing.