Health Tech

Which Tech Solutions Are Actually Having a Positive Impact on the Workforce Crisis?

Knowing that many tech solutions end up being not as effective as health systems would have hoped, two health system executives gave examples of tools they believe have made a significant impact on staffing issues at their organizations. One is a wearable patch that continuously monitors inpatients’ vital signs, and one is a platform that allows providers to fill open shifts with local nurses.

Health Tech

Digital Health’s H1 Funding Landscape: Slimmer Checks, Fewer Deals & a Smaller Investor Pool

The digital health sector has entered a new era when it comes to funding, and startups in this space must quickly adjust to an investment landscape that is characterized by lower check sizes, fewer deals and smaller cohort of investors. If things continue at the pace the sector has maintained throughout the first half of the year, 2023 will mark the field's lowest yearly fundraising total since 2019, according to a new report.