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Realized Hope: Leveraging Our Modern Understanding of Human Biology To Fulfill the Decades-old Promise of a Miracle Drug

Seventy-four years ago, patients received hope for a medical miracle. Despite the disappointments which have accompanied that hope, steroids continue to play an important role in the treatment of debilitating symptoms of many autoimmune and other conditions. Now, equipped with decades of advances in our understanding of human biology, the time has come to innovate and execute on that promise.


Best of INVEST: Sparrow Pharma increasing the potency of corticosteroids

Sparrow Pharmaceuticals won the therapeutics category as part of this year’s Best of INVEST awards. Corticosteroids are an important anti-inflammatory treatment agent for a variety of medical conditions – ranging from autoimmune to cancer to organ transplants. However, chronic use of these drugs can lead to a similarly wide range of side effects. Sparrow Pharmaceuticals has brushed the dust […]