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The Next Big Niche? Emerging Med-Tech for Transplant.

As an advisor to emerging med tech companies, I am always on the lookout for attractive niche markets where new technologies might get a foothold and demonstrate their value before taking on the (often mythical) billion-dollar opportunity. To this end, for years I have instinctively gravitated toward the transplant market (the solid organ kind, e.g. kidneys, livers, hearts, pancreases, etc…) as a nifty space for novel medical devices and diagnostics.


Details, identities emerge in Mayo Clinic helicopter crash

Condolences have flooded Mayo Clinic’s Facebook page since it was reported that three people, including two Mayo employees, were killed in a plane crash to retrieve a donated organ for a patient on Monday. Mayo Clinic identified the two employees killed as Dr. Luis Bonilla, 49, a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon (at left), and David […]