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Embomedics raising $5M; builds microspheres that dispense drugs, block blood supply to tumors

Minnesota startup Embomedics is developing resorbable transarterial chemoembolization microspheres (that’s a mouthful), and is in the midst of a $5 million equity raise to bring ’em to fruition, according to a regulatory filing. In essence, it has created biodegradable hollow beads that can deliver drugs to a localized tumor site, and additionally block off blood flow to the area […]

U Minnesota spinout raises $860K for resorbable embolization material

EmboMedics, a Maple Grove, Minn.-based medical device company, has raised $860,000 in equity, according to a regulatory filing made with the SEC. The Series A funding will go mainly toward research and development of its resorbable embolization material, Omid Souresrafil, EmboMedics CEO and co-founder, said. He said the money should take the company through the […]


University of Minnesota licenses cyanide-poisoning antidote to California startup

The University of Minnesota announced Thursday that it has granted an exclusive license to a San Francisco pharmaceutical company that will commercialize a cyanide-poisoning antidote researchers have developed. Vytacera Pharma Inc. will develop and market Sulfanegen, a compound that can be administered by first responders to victims of smoke inhalation or a large-scale terrorist attack. Current […]


UW chairman takes heat over royalties from Medtronic

The old Medtronic Infuse controversy is being stirred up again. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today published a story on Thomas Zdeblick, the chairman of the Department of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who has received more than $25 million in royalties from Medtronic since 2003. The article calls to question Zdeblick’s position […]


$1.8 million in funding boosts diabetes research in Minnesota

Three diabetes-related research projects at Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota received more than $1.8 million through a state-funded research initiative for preventing, treating and curing diabetes. Decade of Discovery is an initiative of the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics, a collaboration between the university, the clinic and the state of Minnesota. […]

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Where do Medical Devices Come From?

We often hear about medical device approvals, how they are performing in clinical trials, etc, etc. But where are these devices born? How does a medical device go from idea to approval? One answer: the Medical Devices Center at the University of Minnesota. In this interview, Dr. Art Erdman tells us how the unique Medical […]