Have million-year-old viruses made us smarter?

Generally speaking, when we think of viruses, we think they are a bad thing – especially right now with flu season in full swing. But that’s not the case for all viruses. In fact, some of them are responsible for contributing to the complex wiring in our brains. Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have […]

Don’t panic about viruses and bacteria, just knit them

Entries are flooding in for #KnitABug competition, here’s #Ecoli – Last days to enter! @UKHKA — BBSRC (@BBSRC) October 22, 2014 Those who happen to be super into bacteria and viruses and also have a knack for knitting were in luck this year. In conjunction with the Great British Bioscience Festival, BBSRC put together Knit-a-Bug: The Great […]