Can Providers Continue the Healthcare Continuum Without Medical Apps?

(Guest Blog courtesy of Doctor Donald Voltz)  By Thanh Tran, CEO, Zoeticx, Inc. Thanh Tran is CEO and Co-Founder of Zoeticx, Inc., a medical software company located in San Jose, CA. He is a 20 year veteran of Silicon Valley’s IT industry and has held executive positions at many leading software companies. Imagine if banks did […]

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The Many Faces and Facets of EHR Interoperability

Interoperability is the ability to make sub-systems and organizations work together (inter-operate) for attainment of a common goal. In healthcare, implementation and connection of EHR systems and the data they collect allows for us to impact patient care to become a value-driven one for all patients. The opposite of interoperability is not the lack of […]

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Amid Declines in EHRs’ Overall Popularity, Growth of Voice Recognition Dictation and Potential Usage Changes Could Drive New Attitudes

By Tiffany Casper, RNC, CNM, MSN President, EMR Consultants Thanh Tran, CEO of Zoeticx, Inc. also contributed. Dissatisfaction with EHRs among nurses has escalated to all time high of 92%, according to the Q3 2014 Black Book EHR Loyalty survey.  Disruption in productivity and workflow has influenced job dissatisfaction according to nurses in 84% of […]