Don’t be fooled. Funding for early-stage biotechs is suffering (Morning Read)

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Cash-strapped biotechs. According to a new report, venture capitalists are pouring money into biotechnology, but don’t get too excited just yet. A lot of that is going to late-stage companies working on drugs that were developed years ago. Last year, early-stage biotechs and medical device companies saw the lowest amount of investment activity in 15 years, according to new data.

The State of Healthcare. As the State of the Union address nears, speculation has begun on how President Obama will outline his strategy on healthcare. Last year, he called for a bipartisan collaboration to improve the healthcare reform law. This year, with a Supreme Court ruling looming, battle lines are drawn more sharply.

Making money from mobile health. mHealth revenue was up last year, as the number of health-related mobile apps doubled and the revenue model began to shift from paid downloads to free apps with subscriptions or consumer-purchased devices, according to a new report from research2guidance.


Needle-free diabetes testing. In the quest for improving diabetes care, an easy, painless way to check blood glucose is one of the most sought-after improvements. Brown University researchers say they’ve developed a biochip sensor that could detect blood glucose in saliva.

Debating the definition of autism. The American Psychiatric Association is considering a new definition of autism that would create a new umbrella category of “autism spectrum disorders” including Asperger’s syndrome. Advocates of the new definition say it would improve how patients were diagnosed and treated; opponents say it could be to specific, leaving some children undiagnosed and without help.

Pfizer, Medivation partnership axed. The once-promising Alzheimer’s drug Dimebon is being canned after an unsuccessful phase 2 trial, also putting to rest a collaboration between Pfizer and Medivation.

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