Morning Read: Gingrich’s healthcare think tank sinks without him

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The Center for Health Transformation filed for bankruptcy Wednesday in Atlanta, estimating it owes from $1 million to $10 million but has only as much as $100,000 in assets. Newt Gingrich was the chief fundraiser for the group that he started eight years ago, but resigned his post when he decided to run for president.

AVI Biopharma’s CEO is reconsidering the partnership offers from pharma companies interested in dystrophin, a drug to treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Chris Garabedian may have to shift away from his go-it-alone plan due to financial pressures and recent clinical trial results that didn’t impress Wall Street.

The Institute for Safe Medicine Practices says the Food and Drug Administration should limit the use of a new MS treatment based of a review of adverse event reporting from 2011. The group says that the non-profit says that the combination of a troubling safety profile before approval and dozens of cases of retinal injuries, infections and reduced blood pressure shows more patient monitoring is required. Read the Institute’s report here.


GE is buying a Houston company that provides contract genomic sequencing to advance its goal of developing technologies to better identify the genetic profile of cancers and other illnesses. SeqWright will continue its contract work with Eli Lilly and Roche.

Adam Bazih–doctor, entrepreneur and angel investor–recommends building the right team and learning to delegate to find success in the medical device industry. “My advice is to early on develop a clear road map, process charts, and a commercialization plan,” he told Medgadget in a recent interview.

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