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Health IT startup’s platform for EHRs would improve therapist-physician communication gap (video)

A health IT company has developed a communications platform for healthcare providers that fall outside of health system electronic health records such as nutritionists, behavior therapists and physical therapists. The system allows them to offer vital information for patients with chronic illnesses that can be integrated with electronic health records.

Jen Pleimann, the co-founder of San Francisco-based VidaPost, said she was motivated to start the business as a result of her experience as a behavior therapist and working with people with autism. The company was part of StartUp Health’s Pavillion at the mHealth Summit earlier this month, although it is not part of the StartUp Health Academy.

It recently launched a crowdfunding platform for health and wellness programs called VidaPoints to help people with chronic health conditions.

As a behavioral therapist, Pleimann saw delays in updates of patients’ medication records. She also saw that observations from caregivers wasn’t being integrated in an organized way. She believes the company’s solution offers an effective way to capturing information that’s currently being missed to provide a fuller health picture of patients with chronic illnesses.

“The thing right now is the caregiver is managing every single update and sometimes that goes in a notebook, or [staying] in their head,” Pleimann said.

Pleimann sees VitaPost’s platform as a supplement to electronic health records. The tool reflects the shift in the electronic medical record market to add-on services provided by health IT companies that can help providers meet Meaningful Use targets.

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