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Mobile health tourney: A clinical data transmission tool meets up with a medical lab researcher’s tallying app

ZappyLab’s Lab Counter to help biomedical scientists work more efficiently goes up against AirStrip’s patient monitoring platform that breaks down information silos and provides transparency by delivering patient data where physicians are.

The NCAA College Basketball tournament may be must-see TV but here mobile health apps and devices are in the throes of competition and the stakes are high. Adherence, remote monitoring, engagement, improved outcomes, reduced healthcare costs. So begins our mini tournament of mobile health apps.

AirStrip ONE by AirStrip Technologies (FDA cleared) vs Lab Counter by ZappyLab

ZappyLab’s Lab Counter has the potential to save medical lab workers time since the app can score dead, living or sick phenotypes, benign or malignant morphology and any custom categories as well as record and export those results. And it’s free. According to one of the co-founders of ZappyLab — Leonid Teytelman — the app for iOS and Android smartphones does the equivalent work of lab counters that would otherwise cost as much as $500. It fits into a portfolio of apps for biomedical scientists with a long-term goal of creating a social network. But AirStrip’s One app is helping to speed up clinical decisions and it’s doing that by delivering patient data from medical devices, electronic medical records and patient monitors to clinicians– in  a single view on their smartphone or iPad. That clinical data includes vital signs, allergies, medications, medical images and lab results with information generated from medical devices. The first health system partner to use the app  is San Francisco-based Dignity Health, which has 300 care sites in 17 states.

Winner:AirStrip ONE

Why?  It achieves pretty much exactly what healthcare reform set out to do — knocking down silos of information so that physicians have a comprehensive picture of a patient’s condition.