Cleveland Clinic history video illustrates the evolution of healthcare everywhere

Although the narrator is a little over the top (that deep voice is a better fit for announcing movie previews or an alien invasion), this new video from the Cleveland Clinic is an interesting visual history of medicine in general and the Clinic in particular.
The story starts in 1921 with a belief in “cooperative medical practice, research and education” and goes to today and the clinic’s telemedicine work and its campus in Abu Dhabi.
As the years go by, the mix of people changes from a room full of white dudes to men and women of all races and nationalities.
Time lapse photography illustrates how the clinic’s physical footprint has grown, just as medical centers across the country have expanded over the last decade also.
The size and scope are all Cleveland Clinic’s though, as the second largest group practice in the world with 43,000 caregivers.

H/T to Ves Dimov, MD at CasesBlog for a heads up about the video.

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