Doctors and nurses have figured out LinkedIn, now we need more researchers


Simon Zhang

Simon Zhang

Simon Zhang, data analyst and former neurosurgeon, reports that there are now one million doctors and nurses in the US using the social networking site.

What are they doing? Looking for a new job, commenting on particularly good insights from MedCityNews or complaining about long hours in one of these groups.

Top 3 LinkedIn Groups among Doctors

1.            Medical Doctor (MD) Network

2.            Innovations in Health

3.            Networking for Business Professionals & Doctors

Top 3 LinkedIn Groups among Nurses

1.            The R.N. Network

2.            RN (Registered Nurse) Network

3.            American Nurses Association

Sometimes when I am researching health startup entrepreneurs who come from academia, I find university bios or resumes, but nothing on LinkedIn. Maybe once they drop the Twitter snobbery, they will join LinkedIn too.

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