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Smartphone thermometer, concussion detector among finalists in NYC medtech innovation contest

A medication adherence app for families, a social network for recovering alcoholics and a mobile health diagnostic that claims to diagnose concussions based on eye movements. In addition to contributing to the debate on mobile health apps and medical device regulation these are some of the 10 companies that will compete as part of an innovation challenge next month in New York.

Launched in January by the New York City Economic Development Corp. and Health 2.0, Innovate Health Tech NYC is a competition among early stage mobile health and medtech companies competing for $50,000 in prizes. Here’s a summary of the finalists.

Kinsa Health’s Smart Thermometer is the first of a series of smart tools to help people track their health. They were developed Kinsa Health, an early stage venture-backed medtech startup led by CEO Inder Singh, a former executive vice president for Clinton Health Access Initiative. The company wants people to use its thermometer not only to help them to track their own illnesses and share that data with physicians. From a big data perspective, it can also provide a “health map” so people can see in real time virus pockets in their region. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer doesn’t need batteries, LCD, or a processor, but does depend on a smartphone.


Our DailyRX, which may or may not be intended to sound like “our daily bread…” from the Lord’s Prayer, tries to take a new approach to adherence apps by turning its app into another family ritual. Using a single mobile app, each family member theoretically can have their own prescription schedule, refill reminders, issuing reminders for taking doses.

Sippa Health is all about security protocol for electronic health records. It uses sophisticated biometrics that involve “voice signatures” or fingerprints to activate access. The idea is these would protect electronic health information stored in mobile devices and eliminate the need to memorize passwords.

Adhere Tech From smart thermometers we get to smart pillbottles. AdhereTech keeps its tech in a bottle that knows if patients are taking their pills. It sends text messages or rings users to remind them to take their medicine.

addicaid demo from sam frons on Vimeo.

Addicaid A social network for recovering addicts and alcoholics, Addicaid sets out to: help users find and sustain a support network, set personal treatment goals, and discover helpful support groups and activities.

Balance by Elucidate is a mobile app designed to help families coordinate caregiving responsibilities for Alzheimer’s patients from the iPad or iPhone.

FORCE Injury Packs are a selection of rehabilitation videos and patient education modules designed by physical therapists and sports medicine professionals. They include injury specific rehab exercise videos, advice treatment information and help users set and track goals.

Oculogica’s mobile health diagnostic uses eye movements to assess and quantify the extent of a concussion and other conditions. It’s intended to be a low cost and efficient approach to diagnosing concussions.

Patient Connect by Health Recovery Solutions has an early warning system for heart failure patients that uses real-time data to help providers avoid unnecessary re-admissions for outpatients.

Fitronix The popular choice finalist uses Microsoft Kinnect technology  to assess body movements for fitness, sports and physical therapy.

Among the entry criteria companies had to meet  were: outline the healthcare needs their technology fills, the target users, what makes it urgent, explain the path to commercialization, demonstrate its value, and explain how it would be marketed and sold, including details like sales channels and pricing.



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