Wow of the Week: Apple video is a testament to mHealth’s global impact (and great marketing)

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Apple is showing off its marketing chops, and tugging at our heartstrings, in a new video posted to its YouTube channel.

Called “Making a difference. One app at a time,” the 10-minute video depicts some of the ways the company’s devices and various iOS apps are solving problems across the world, starting with rural access to healthcare.

The video opens with a community health nurse visiting a new mother in rural Kenya. He uses a Skyscape app to show the mother how to breastfeed properly and to look up information that he says helps diagnose and prevent complications.


On the other side of the world, in Charlottesville, Virginia, a Paralympic rower uses Orthocare Innovations’ app, Galileo, to configure settings for her prosthetic legs. The app, she says, allows her to control the angle of her feet for rowing and wearing heels without having to visit her prosthetist.

Then there’s Enrique, a non-verbal 10-year-old who uses AssistiveWare’s Proloquo2Go to communicate with his mother.

It’s a smart use of emotional appeal for Apple, but it’s just scratching the surface in terms of mobile health apps. For a look at more examples that are changing healthcare, check out MedCity News’ Sweet 16 of mobile apps.

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Deanna Pogorelc

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