Jon Stewart identifies the real reason Cruz read “Green Eggs and Ham”

Sen. Ted Cruz covered a lot of ground in his rant against Obamacare, including reading a Dr. Seuss classic story. Leave it to Jon Stewart to figure out why the senator from Texas chose that book instead of something more relevant to healthcare:

To express your opposition to Obamacare, you pick a story about a stubborn jerk who decides he hates something before he tries it. And when he finally does get a taste, he has to admit after tasting it, ‘This is pretty f-ing good.’

Of course, Stewart only gets better as he goes. Warning: this clip has bad words in it, and it NSFW without earphones.

Jon Stewart patient and doctorStewart counters the “but you’ll lose your doctor!” argument by pointing out that doctors and patients don’t exactly have a “marriage for life” arrangement now.
He agrees that the bill is not perfect because after all it was written by Congress.


If you let them design a puppy, you’d get something with no face, two asses and a semi-automatic machine gun for a tail!


And of course, Stewart and his writers updated the Lorax to put Cruz’s filibuster in the right context – The Bore-ax:

In the land of DC,
In the Senate of snooze,
Lived the show-boatist blab
Whose name was Ted Cruz.
Ted talked about healthcare
Compared it to Nazis.
As comparisons go,
he was off by a lotsy.

Veronica Combs

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