Got health insurance, bro? The dudes in the new ads for Colorado’s exchange do

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Well, here’s one way to strike a chord with young people.


The Colorado Consumer Health Inititative and ProgressNow Colorado took inspiration from the “got milk?” ads and today released a series of “got insurance?” memes via the website, (which redirects to The ads feature mothers, adventure-seekers and these bros explaining why they’re glad they have health insurance.

brobamacare 2


Colorado is running its own health insurance exchange called Connect for Health Colorado. Even though it didn’t have to deal with the glitches of the federal exchange, the site facilitated only 226 enrollments in its first week. That might be what’s behind this marketing push, which makes the ads easily sharable to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr and encourages use of the hashtag #gotinsurance.

States have gotten creative, funny and a little bit weird in their appeals to the uninsured, but this is the first time I’ve seen a keg make an appearance in an ad. Part of me thinks it’s insulting to the generation of young people considered key to the success of the exchanges. The other part remembers that Jimmy Kimmel video and wonders if something like this might actually work.

Click below to see the rest of the ads.

Got insurance

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If young people are persuaded to spend money for something they won't use, were forced to buy and don't need, they are STUPID!!  I don't think they are stupid - the girls maybe??  the guys -no.  They would rather spend money on beer.  The question is, do they have jobs to pay for health care?