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The cable guy delivering…telemedicine? Time Warner Cable tests virtual visits

the cable guyTime Warner Cable Business Class apparently wants to take a bigger bite out of the healthcare market, announcing today it’s trying a new “virtual visit” telemedicine solution with Cleveland Clinic.

The offering is part of TWC’s Home Health Monitoring strategy designed to connect healthcare providers to patients in their homes. It will provide infrastructure for secure, encrypted, two-way video conferencing between patients and Cleveland Clinic providers.

A spokesman told CED magazine that part of the trial will measure cost savings for healthcare providers — a key factor likely to impact widespread adoption, or not, of telehealth.

According to TWC, the virtual visit solution will come as a fully contained, secure, bundled package for providers with connectivity, installation and on-site equipment as well as technical support for patients.


The cable provider first began testing its healthcare services in a pair of Maine hospitals back in 2011. It’s adding new telemedicine services to “meet the emerging needs of the industry,” the company said in a press release.

Competitors Comcast and Cox have pushed into healthcare in their own ways, too, offering high-speed, secure Internet connections suitable for care facilities, bundling that with other services and partnering with technology companies to add applications to their cable networks.

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