An infographic that works: I want DoseWatch from GE Healthcare

GE DosewatchI hate infographics. As a communication method, the format jumped the shark almost a year ago. I get several emails a day, “Check out this very relevant infographic,” but these are mostly poorly designed information blobs. The true purpose of most infographics now is to get a link to some online course distributed around the Internet. Yuck.

However, GE completely won me over with their beautiful DoseWatch graphic. Now that I know that CT scans can be customized to individual patients, I want DoseWatch. Up to this point in my life, I have not been a frequent user of CT scans. My last ultrasound was when I was pregnant five years ago. I don’t expect this to change, but you never know.

If I do go in for any kind of scan, I definitely will be asking about radiation levels. Maybe GE’s next infographic should be an interactive map that shows which hospitals use this technology. Even if the providers are not in my network, I still want to know so I can ask my doctors when they are going to catch up to modern healthcare.

This infographic works because it has a narrow focus, just enough information, and beautiful, easy to understand images. GE Healthcare launched DoseWatch three years ago as part of a larger effort to reduce radiation exposure:

As part of an $800 million investment in low-dose technologies over 15 years, GE introduced DoseWatch in 2011 with capabilities that allowed capturing of standardized dose information on CT, interventional, mammography and X-ray systems from a range of equipment vendors. GE Blueprint’s goal is to work with healthcare providers to reduce their average patient exposure by up to 50 percent, based on longitudinal tracking of average dose. The dose reduction goal is the result of a comprehensive program covering a full array of dose reduction principles. It is not solely based on equipment features.

Yes, it’s pure marketing, but an effort that is grounded in science and relevant to new concerns for patient safety and long-term health. GE’s marketing doesn’t always work, but this infographic is a perfect example of how to sell something in a smart, visual way.

[DoseWatch image is copyright GE Healthcare]