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What Excites One Mayo Clinic Radiologist About AI in Her Field

Dr. Wendaline VanBuren, a radiology chair at Mayo Clinic, thinks that AI is in the beginning stages of improving radiologists’ workflows. Some of the most developed radiology AI research projects at Mayo center on image segmentation and 3D printing, she said. In the future, she’s excited to see more tools that aid radiologists in triage and lesion measurement.

Health Tech

Senator Probes Google About ‘Premature Deployment of Unproven Technology’ In Healthcare Settings

Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia) penned a letter to Google leadership expressing concerns about Med-PaLM 2 — the company’s generative AI tool for healthcare providers that is currently being used by Mayo Clinic and other health systems. The letter requested that Google provide more clarity about its chatbot’s training, accuracy, ethical considerations and deployment in healthcare settings.

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Google Cloud, Mayo Clinic Strike Generative AI Partnership

Google Cloud and Mayo Clinic recently announced a partnership focused on generative AI — the health system will be deploying a new HIPAA-compliant Google Cloud service called Gen App Builder. The tool enables providers to create a search system for their data, equipped with conversational features powered by Google’s large language models.