Invacare Corp. declassifies its board of directors to enhance corporate governance — MedCity Evening Read, Nov. 24, 2009

Elyria home health care company Invacare Corp. said Tuesday it has enhanced its corporate governance framework and policies, including agreeing to declassify its board of directors.

News and notes from the day in MedCity, Ohio.

Elyria home health care company Invacare Corp. said Tuesday it has enhanced its corporate governance framework and policies, including agreeing to declassify its board of directors. Shareholder advocacy groups argue that the classified board structure — in which some directors serve for different term lengths – breeds director complacency and forces directors to develop close relations with management, according to Investopedia.

Battelle, the independent research and development organization in Columbus, will collaborate with the public-private partnership announced by the White House Monday to strengthen the nation’s competitiveness through increasing the scale and scope of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. Battelle is a “core partner” in the Educate to Innovate campaign, which is aiming at delivering more scientists to industries like health care and bioscience in coming decades.

In August 2006, Battelle helped launch Ohio’s first STEM-based school — Metro Early College High School — on the campus of Ohio State University. For the past two years, Battelle has managed the Ohio STEM Learning Network, a public/private partnership designed to foster and spread meaningful and sustainable innovations that change the way education looks and works, the organization said in a release Inc., the online U.S. mail-order pharmacy based in Cincinnati, reported third-quarter revenue of $1,006,721, driven by heavy growth in prescription sales and pharmacy transfers. Gross margins increased 13 percent to 34.6 percent from a year ago. The net loss for the quarter was $619,114 compared to a net loss of $186,299 for the three months ended September 30, 2008.