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Donna Simpson: Dreaming of being 1,000 pounds

From the super morbid obesity files comes this unbelievable death wish. According to Fox News, Donna Simpson from Old Bridge, NJ has one incredible goal in life. Already topping the scales at 602 pounds, her desire is to be the best at what she does, eating. Her goal you ask? She wants to weigh 1,000 […]

From the super morbid obesity files comes this unbelievable death wish. According to Fox News, Donna Simpson from Old Bridge, NJ has one incredible goal in life. Already topping the scales at 602 pounds, her desire is to be the best at what she does, eating. Her goal you ask? She wants to weigh 1,000 pounds. She wants to become the worlds fattest woman.

Oh, and she has a three year old child she will never see grow up. And she doesn’t buy into the idea that she is unhealthy.

In America’s land of freedom, we hold dearly our rights to self determination. We might say that this woman, already of super morbid obesity status, has every right to eat her self to death while the American tax payer fits the bill for her disabling illnesses that, if not already present, are already on their way. This is slow suicide. She will die an early death, just as smokers do. She is committing suicide, even if her actions don’t represent an immediate risk to death. Just as smokers do.

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What does Donna have to say for herself? She already uses a motor scooter while grocery shopping because she can’t walk more than 20 feet. She is one of those internal medicine opportunities I wrote about: The Patient’s of Walmart. I’m sure she doesn’t have a shopping cart full of fruit and vegetables spending $750 a week to eat 12,000 calories a day and staying as sedentary as possible so she doesn’t burn any calories.

You might ask yourself how someone supports themselves financially when they can’t move 20 feet without panting. Well, she has found a way to cash in on her super morbid obesity status. I have to give her credit for making an effort to earn a living, but this is unbelievable. She appears on a website IN A BIKINI, where men watch videos of her gorging on food. She has about 265 followers paying her $16 a month to watch her eat. That’s about $4,000 a month.

I would presume that this high end video production website doesn’t offer health insurance. I would also be pretty accurate to make an assumption that she probably gets disability because of her super morbid obesity. Perhaps she’s already on the Medicaid roll. I’m certain she is probably uninsurable by every imaginable standard.

So where is the personal responsibility in all this? If she is already on the take for government assistance, do tax payers have an obligation to provide for all her medical needs? Does the patient have any responsibility to care for her body in a way to minimizes her assistance on public resources? This is the great American question we find difficult to answer. Where does personal responsibility begin and end? And what is the role of community resources when personal responsibility has failed.

In America, we clearly place freedom of personal choice above social solidarity. But we also expect society to pay for the failures of individual responsibility. A recent attempt in my state to implement random drugs of abuse testing and the removal of Medicaid for one year on those who tested positive for illicit drugs was met head on by a camp of left wing fanatics claiming the illegality and irresponsible nature of such a plan. I shake my head in disbelief at what our society has become. We want the freedom to do what ever we want. And we want others to pay for the consequences.

The freedom fighters would say that this woman, who is the poster child for super morbid obesity, has every right in the world to define how she lives her life. And I agree with them. I could care less what she does on her own free will. I would also say that as the mistress of her own domain, she then has the responsibility to fend for herself when everything comes crashing down. As a society she should have no expectation of support of any kind from health care to housing to a home nurse or even a nursing home. Personal freedom gave her the rights on the way up. Personal freedom gives her the consequences on the way down.

Some people might say she has a mental illness, either diagnosed or not, that excuses her from her actions. There is no way a super morbid obese woman already at 600 pounds would gravitate to 1000 pounds without some sort of mental problem.

I agree she has a mental illness. I disagree that it excuses her from her actions. If she still has the capacity to make poor medical decisions, she has the capacity to change, regardless of her mental illness. We don’t excuse depressed people from murder charges. We shouldn’t excuse depressed people from eating themselves to death. I think this lady has lost touch with reality. But so have all smokers who take in 4 packs a day and make bold statements proclaiming their right to independence.

The real question here comes down to whether we as a nation value our freedom to engage in irresponsible behavior with the expectation that our nation will collectively pay for it or if the individual has a responsibility to minimize their reliance on the resources of others by taking responsibility for their actions and how they live their life.

In this super morbid obese lady, I have no doubt in my mind that she will cost taxpayers untold millions in resources to try to keep her alive when her day of reckoning comes due.

Some people try to argue that her early death will actually be a good thing because it reduces her reliance on other community resources such as Social Security and Medicaid. To that camp, I say that we should then simply stop Social Security and all other welfare programs now and allow Americans to fend for themselves. If in fact an early death is beneficial to our nation’s bottom line, then I say lets simply stop spending any money at all. All it does is keep people alive longer. If the economic success of our country is measured by an early death, we can accelerate our financial strength by simple cutting off the resources all together.

Watch the incredible commentary at the end of this video that tells it like it is. They hit the nail on the head. American freedom at its finest.