Final ACO rule a more relaxed version of proposal (Morning Read)

Current medical news from today, including final ACO rule set, large cellphone study finds no link to brain cancer, and a closer look at the venture capital industry.

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Final ACO rule is set. The final guidelines for establishing accountable care organizations were released Thursday by the CMS, and so far experts have said they are less burdensome than than the proposal released in March and also boost incentives. The final rule cut quality measures and removed the requirement that hospitals use electronic health records to report quality measures. Here are 8 things you should know about the final ACO rule.

No cellphone-brain cancer link. In one of the largest studies on cellphone use to date, Danish researchers found no link between cellphone usage and brain tumors in nearly 360,000 people. (The concern sparked from a WHO report released in May).

A look at venture capital. No surprises here — Silicon Valley and the East Coast raise the most venture capital, but did you know that the number of deals made in the U.S. peaked in 2000 and was not even half that number in 2010? Check out this infographic on startup funding from Mashable.

IPO Task Force calls for cutback on regs. A group of venture capitalists, CEOs, lawyers and other professionals calling themselves the IPO Task Force issued a report blaming the startling IPO decline on regulatory changes, calling for officials to lighten up on rules that make IPOs such a risk for young companies.

HCSM plans. CSC recommends hospitals not wait to start engaging in social media, but with all of the possible legal issues, there are some definite hurdles. Thus, here are five tips for creating a hospital social media plan.