More on the Apple Watch and ResearchKit, a withdrawn IPO and Ellen Pao takes the stand (Morning Read)

The Congressional Budget Office announced on Monday that the Affordable Care Act will cost $142 billion, or 11 percent, less over the next 10 years.

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Salesforce is the first enterprise app to jump on the Apple Watch bandwagon. Meanwhile, mobihealthnews provides a deeper look at the first five ResearchKit apps, while one physician gives a doctor’s point of view on HealthKit and ResearchKit.

Drug spending was up 13 percent last year – thanks in large part to Hepatitis C drugs Harvoni and Sovaldi.

Some cold water recent IPO announcements: AltheaDx withdrew its $60 million IPO.

Read the details of Ellen Pao’s testimony in the Kleiner Perkins gender discrimination suit. Cross examination could begins today.


CTI got good news on its Myelofibrosis, which sent its stock climbing.

The Texas Medical Center’s accelerator TMCx unveiled the 22 healthIT companies that will be part of its inaugural class.

The FDA is happy to move forward with Heat Biologics’ developing therapeutic approach to attacking invasive bladder cancer.

The FDA has issued a fast track designation for the young Durham company’s immune therapy, code named HS-410 (Vesigenurtacel L). HS-410 is in Phase 2 clinical trials, which are designed simply to evaluate its effectiveness as a vaccination in extending the time of disease recurrence compared to placebo.

Double chins could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new injection.


NPR is offering an in-depth look this morning on how hospitals have succeeded (or failed) in pleasing patients – and what it will mean.

Here are two different approaches to support safety-net hospitals.

Fun: “How one hospital’s holiday party videos became an opportunity to inform physicians everywhere.”

A new report: change reimbursement policies on swing beds and save billions

New protein discovered key for gene stability.

Researchers in the UC Department of Cancer Biology have found new protein players that help keep genome stability—a promising finding with the potential to help with the development of new targeted therapeutics in diseases with genetic instability, such as cancer.


CHIME has signed a management agreement with the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems.

5 health IT billionaires that made it to the Forbes list.

Are wearables heading in the wrong direction?


Obamacare’s estimated cost is continuing to go down.

The Congressional Budget Office announced on Monday that the Affordable Care Act will cost $142 billion, or 11 percent, less over the next 10 years, compared to what the agency had projected in January.

The General Account Office says PCORI is meeting its mission under Affordable Care Act


It’s not just Brian Williams who has false memories – animals can, too.

Scientists trained bumblebees to expect a droplet of sugar water from two artificial flowers: one that was solid yellow, the other looking like an archery target of black and white rings. A few minutes later, the insects were allowed to choose between those two flowers and a third one that had yellow rings, a combo of the previous patterns. In this short-term test, the bees correctly showed a preference for the petals they’d seen had the sweet stuff.

[Photo from Flickr user Steven Saing]