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Colorado startup MBio Diagnostics raises a $6.3M Series B

The company doesn’t say much about its platform, but that it uses multiplexing technology to seek out specific proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules.

Colorado startup MBio Diagnostics just closed a $6.3 million Series B round. The company says it offers fast, on-the-spot clinical diagnostics – as well as sample testing for the food safety industry.

A spokeswoman said MBio isn’t disclosing investors in this round. The platform uses multiplexing to detecct proteins, cells, nucleic acids and small molecules alike.

MBio’s diagnostics, still in development and not yet approved, turn around results within 20 minutes, the company said. One application is to determine the human immune response during tuberculosis infection.

Working with the Switzerland-based Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, mBio said it developed a disposable cartridge that can profile tuberculosis proteins. It was tested in Peru and Vietnam over an 18-month period – and MBio said that it showed success in tuberculosis diagnosis.

The startup has a number of strategic collaborations in place, including with researchers at the University of California, San Diego, PATH and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.