Former ONC head’s health IT business Aledade raises $30M (Morning Read)

The funding will help Aledade expand to nine or 10 states by 2016


Dr Farzad Mostashari’s health IT business, Aledade, has raised $30 million in a Series B round led by ARCH Venture Partners. The company, led by the former ONC head, provides software and offers consulting services for physician-led accountable care organizations.  The company will use the funding to expand from the four states where it currently has a presence — Arkansas, Delaware, New York, and Maryland — to nine to 10 states by 2016, Mostashari said in a statement.


Johnson & Johnson is collaborating with biotech startup Emulate to determine whether organ-on-a-chip technology is in research and development.

The FDA approved St Jude Medical’s brain implant to reduce Parkinson’s disease symptoms, including essential tremor.

Millennium Labs is nearing a settlement over allegations that it overbilled the federal government for unnecessary tests.

ProNAi Therapeutics filed for an IPO seeking to raise more than $86 million. The company has a drug discovery engine that’s designed to create unique, single-stranded DNA sequences to help fight cancer and other diseases.


A South Korean hospital at the center of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome cases has suspended services.


BioIQ is raising money for its health screening platform.


Maine lawmakers are taking up a proposed death with dignity bill similar to what Vermont has on its books. Physicians would be permitted to provide lethal doses of medication to terminally ill patients who want to hasten their death.


A study of reproductive precursor cells called germ cells has led to the discovery of the switch that controls whether these cells become eggs or sperm.

“While germ cells can become either sperm or eggs, nobody knew that in vertebrates the germ cells have a switch mechanism to decide their own sperm or egg fate,” said Minoru Tanaka, Associate Professor from the National Institute for Basic Biology with the National Institutes of Natural Sciences in Japan.

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