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Congratulations, Mr. President – you’re the subject of MedHeads!

Also, with special guest: Forbes contributor Bruce Japsen!

The Supreme Court Obamacare decision was a pretty big one. So we’re pulling out all the stops on this week’s MedHeads, MedCityNews.com’s discussion of the week in the business of healthcare, at 4 pm Eastern today.

Healthcare journalist Bruce Japsen, a contributor to Forbes and other publications, will join Neil Versel, Nicole Oran and me to talk about the Supreme Court decision and what it will mean for the medical industry and innovators in general.

Join us for that discussion and highlights of other important healthcare news from the week at 4 pm Eastern today on Google+ and the embed below.

MedHeads is MedCityNews.com’s weekly broadcast looking back at the week that was in the business of healthcare innovation. In these broadcasts, we’ll take the news seriously but won’t take ourselves too seriously.

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