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A new attempt to engage millennials with mobile health: Save The Hipsters (Video)

Millennials just want to feel understood, even when it comes to healthcare.

When it comes to mobile health, apps and current technology, millennials are a good target as consumers, but they sometimes need a little bit of edge and humor to engage them when it comes to marketing.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans has done just that with an ad for a new mobile application. They are reaching out to those with beards, people who ride fixed gear bikes, wear plaid shirts with snaps and even the people who wear knit hats in the summer.

“Save The Hipsters” is specifically targeting a demographic that might not normally be concerned about their health, but in times of need could use an easy way to not only get consultation, but also prescriptions through MyDigitalMD.

Gotta say, they hit the nail on the head with this ad.