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Patient Engagement

Why Health System Execs Say You Can’t Separate ‘Patient’ from ‘Consumer’

Many people don't take well to the term “healthcare consumer,” or have expressed that they prefer to be referred to as a patient rather than a consumer. But in the U.S., it’s a plain fact that people have choices when it comes to their healthcare. In this piece, three health system executives give their take on why “patient” and “consumer” are often one in the same — and why hospitals need to be mindful of this.

Health Tech

WebMD Bolsters Patient Engagement Offerings Through New Acquisition

WebMD acquired the operating assets of Healthwise, a nonprofit provider of health education content and patient engagement tools. The deal follows another acquisition WebMD made in the patient engagement space in 2020. According to Ann Bilyew, WebMD’s senior vice president of health, the company is now “the indisputable market leader in providing patient education to both providers and payers.”