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American healthcare weeps silently. Dr. Oz begins his seventh season today

Not facts, not medical evidence, not ethics and not Congress can stop him.

Dr. Oz, so much a medical whackadoo that he could be the vice presidential running mate of Dr. Ben Carson, begins his seventh season today.

Not facts, not medical evidence, not ethics and not Congress can stop him.

I’ve wondered at times whether healthcare should wave the white flag, realize that Dr. Oz and his ilk can simply talk to consumers better than they can, and try some kind of détente in which we all collaborate for the good of medicine (in Oz’s defense, he has helped launched credible startups).

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But then I realize his sins are essentially unforgivable and his rhetoric unapologetic. We must continue to fight the unbeatable foe.

This season will focus on “happiness, balance and a healthy mind” and cover topics including fear, anxiety, depression and addiction.

The hard-hitting healthcare lineup includes:

  • Why your brain craves happiness and mental balance with Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  • How to unplug to replenish your spirit with Susan Cain
  • The power of connection to restore and inner peace
  • Spark your inner creativity to build the life you’ve always dreamed of with Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Cultivate resilience when life knocks you down with Brene Brown
  • Power poses to stand strong, banish fear and stay calm with Amy Cuddy

We eagerly await the episode where he applies what he learned about diet supplements to a discussion on antidepressants.