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The Google contact lens will be in humans next year, Novartis chief says

No diabetes yet. Instead, presbyopia.

The contact lens Google and Novartis are developing together will hit human eyes next year, according to a report this weekend.

It won’t be tested on diabetics – which has been the sexiest potential application. Instead, the human trials will focus on the treatment of presbyopia, which is essentially far-sightedness caused by old age. According to Reuters:

“I had said it would take about five years to see a product on the market,” Jimenez told the paper. “The calendar is on track and we are already developing a technological lens prototype (that) should be tested on humans in 2016.”

Any advancement for the Google contact lens will pique the interest of the broader medical industry. The Google Life Sciences unit said last week that diabetes is its first target. And while it continues to stack deals in the diabetes space, the contact lens seems like the destination for diabetes monitoring.

Photo: Google