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On MedHeads this week – Viral videos in healthcare: What’s the secret sauce?

We’ll discuss on MedHeads how harnessing the power of viral videos can help improve patient education efforts, and even improve business.

Why do some healthcare-related videos go viral? Take this week’s wildly popular Youtube tutorial in which pediatrician Dr. Robert Hamilton showed how to calm a crying baby with a simple holding technique. Many millions viewed the video. But why? And why did, say, last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge generate so many viral videos while so many other attempts fly under the radar?

This week on MedHeads, we’re revisiting the power #hcsm, or healthcare social media, and how understanding how to wield it can lead to better business, better patient outreach, and better health care. We’ll discuss what it is that makes a healthcare-focused viral videos – that is, what grips an audience’s attention and makes them want to share.

Discussing this issue will be healthcare social media guru Mandi Bishop, the Health Plan Analytics Innovation Practice Lead at Dell, and Kate Eidam, director of marketing solutions for Breaking Media (the parent company of MedCity News) and our own reporter Nicole Oran, who wrote about the recent pediatric viral sensation. The conversation will be moderated by Chris Seper, the vice president of healthcare at Breaking Media who leads MedCity News.

MedHeads starts at 4 pm Eastern Friday. Join us via the YouTube embed below or on our Google Hangout Hangouts On Air page. Join the MedCity News team to talk about the week that was in healthcare innovation at 4 pm Eastern tomorrow.[youtube]