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Morning Read: Your CES 2016 roundup, why GSK and AZ’s changes matter to everyone

Plus, Epic’s growth, moves by Pershing Square on Valeant and the battle for the soul of BMJ.

CES 2016 preview virtual reality


The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off this week and there’s always a prominent health focus (we’ll be there). I mined the 2016 CES previews so you don’t have to:

  • It looks like virtual reality is the manufactured buzz ahead of the conference. – CBS, ABC, The Globe And Mail, Mirror
  • Wearables are likely to get the most healthcare-related attention this year. – mHealthIntelligence, USA Today, Wareable, International Business Times
  • Palm-sized drones and self-driving cars will also be a big deal. – Daily Mail
  • Your annual anti-CES-post: “CES places far too many demands on everyone involved to simply conform to the event or be eaten alive.” – Forbes
  • A nice CES guide for newcomers. – USA Today
  • Maybe the most important story: A chance the taxi lines will be different in CES 2016. – USA Today

Here’s a great look at why the moves at GSK and AstraZeneca will ripple well beyond the company: “GSK and AstraZeneca are also being watched closely across the wider pharma sector because of the divergent approaches they are taking to restoring growth.” – Financial Times


Get a sneak peek at GSK’s JP Morgan pitch. – Financial Times

Pershing Square cut its stake in Valeant, but please remember it had increased it to nearly 10 percent almost a month ago. – Bloomberg


Get a closer look at BMJ’s editor Fiona Godlee and the pull between being “a top scientific medical journal” or “a public-opinion publication that seeks to attain the highest ratings possible based on one-sided positions.” – STAT

CI Capital Partners has raised $750 million for a new fund; previous investments in healthcare services include Pivot Physical Therapy. – PR Newswire

No shocker, but will it continue? “Critical illness policy sales since 1999 have risen from $8 million to $381 million a year.” – MPR


Epic added 1,400 employees last year and the next facility expansion will have buildings named after literary classics (h/t HISTalk). – Wisconsin State Journal

Rock Health asks: What digital health companies will IPO this year? – Rock Health

Go behind the scenes to understand the CDC’s debate over the health of cell phones. – The New York Times

Diagnotes closed a deal with Indiana’s Suburban Health Organization, which includes about 600 physicians. – PR Web


Two interesting Obamacare trends get a closer look: the embrace of “healthcare ministries” to cover medical costs and how a select number of people will take insurance penalties over coverage. – Wall Street Journal, The New York Times


2016 begins a lot like 2015! A group that staged an antigovernment protest in Nevada are now occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge building in Oregon. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties to Iran causing fears of further instability in the Middle East. – CNN, CNN

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