Eye care technology company Vizzario brings in $2M, but to go toward what exactly?

Applications and video games could be the next best way to assess eye health. That’s the approach Vizzario it taking.

eye photo courtesy of Flickr user helgabj

Eye care is reaching a whole new level, and one contributor to the innovation is California-based technology company, Vizzario. It was recently announced that the company, created in 2014, brought in $2 million and is looking for an additional $1 million. But CEO Khizer Khaderi, who is a faculty member and director of neuro-ophthalmology at the UC Davis Eye Center, has remained tight-lipped about how the money will be used.

A Vizzario representative was unavailable to comment about the financing, but according to Sacramento Business Journal, Khaderi said in an email that he isn’t ready to reveal details about Vizzario’s plans for this investment. The potential possibilities with its “Vision Intelligent” technology look very interesting, though.

The company is looking to address eye care from issues caused from injuries or diseases, but also providing options to treat the additional strain we have with today’s technology by constantly staring at screens.

Actually, Vizzario is taking advantage of our constant screen-staring habits and using its application technology and video game tools to better understand and diagnose long-term issues in order to create better rehab tools. The game aspect is an approach that could be especially helpful in diagnosing vision problems in children.

The eye-screening technology can also reportedly be used to measure traumatic brain injuries caused by collisions or blows to the head, which the company believes will be a useful tool for assessing vision injuries for athletes.

With the most recent financing, chances are we will hear more about this technology and the upcoming developments in the near future.

Photo: Flickr user helgabj