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ReWalk Robotics has announced that the VA is on board for national study of exoskeleton systems

The VA is stepping up with new program to bring exoskeleton technology to those with spinal cord injuries.


ReWalk Robotics has announced that the Department of Veterans Affairs released details of a planned 4-year, national, multi-center study of ReWalk’s Personal 6.0 exoskeleton systems with people who have suffered from spinal cord injury (SCI).

The wearable robotic exoskeleton provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with spinal cord injury to stand upright and walk. Not only does using the system allow an individual to be more mobile, it can provide many other health benefits by allowing this movement and independence, both physically and mentally.

The study, called Exoskeleton Assisted-Walking in Persons with SCI: Impact on Quality of Life, will include 160 patients that will be using ReWalk’s system at 6 participating VA Medical Centers across California, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas and Virginia.

Quality of life can obviously be extremely inhibited after spinal cord injuries, and this effort to improve rehabilitation processes and options in these particular cases within the VA could be considered way overdue.

ReWalk is currently the only FDA cleared exoskeleton technology, and this is the first study of its kind. Participants are scheduled to begin in October of this year.