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Meet the 15 finalists of MedCity’s patient engagement startup contest

MedCity News’ editorial team whittled down the submission’s for our nationwide search for top startups in patient engagement down to 15. Vote your favorite.

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MedCity News covers patient engagement through our website and even has a conference — ENGAGE in San Diego, Oct. 18-19 dedicated to this very-important topic.

But we wanted to cast a wider net to see the innovations that are taking place in this field.

So, in early August, MedCity News launched a nationwide search to identify the top 15 patient engagement startups in the country as a way to spotlight those innovations.

We received 60 submissions through the end of August. Some were disqualified for not meeting the requirements, but the editorial team has selected these finalists based on the criteria we outlined in our call for submissions:

Clinical Impact  – 35 points
Economic Impact – 30 points
Revenue Model – 25 points
Usability (judged on photo/video quality) – 10 points

Without further ado, here are the 15 patient engagement startups that emerged from the pile. They are sorted in alphabetical order in a slideshow format, and we invite you to vote for your favorite at the end. Voting will end on 5 p.m. PT Oct. 12. Readers will need to click through to the last page of the slideshow in order to be able to vote. 

Separately, a panel of judges will review the top 15 and select a winner and two runner-ups. The winners will be announced toward mid-late October.

(Editor’s Note: The slideshow below is based on detailed answers to questions that applicants provided, but the facts have not been independently verified. Some self-promotion have been edited. We are also not publishing information that identifies investors but have included other information for readers to make informed decision as they vote.)

Photo: Getty Images, Digital Vision