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Which companies offer innovation for the 50+ market? You decide.

This week we invite readers to pick their favorites among the diverse companies driving innovation for the 50+ market.

AARPThe different perspectives entrepreneurs offer to confront the challenges of the 50+ market are often too diverse to fit into a single category. Software to help senior living facilities manage their residents. Decision support for caregivers. Health IT companies seeking to improve patient engagement and clinical trial navigation.

These varied approaches offer some encouragement that some practical innovations will be able to go the distance to addressing healthcare needs for the 50+ market.

Back in October of last year, MedCity announced that it was partnering with AARP to unearth the people, ideas, and companies that are innovating for the vital and growing 50+ market.

Since we started the nomination process, more than 150 entries were collected through November 2016. Now through stages, we want to arrive at the final 50 Innovation 50+ Leaders.

This week, we invite readers to pick their favorite nominees for companies driving innovation across a variety of categories. Here are the nominees:

Click here to choose your favorites. Voting will remain open until 8 p.m. on March 2. We’ll have a final compilation of the 50 Innovation 50+ Leaders in the coming weeks.