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SAP Health and StartUp Health are on the hunt for startups

With the deadline coming up next month, here’s the criteria for entrepreneurs interested in a program by StartUp Health and SAP.

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Earlier this year, StartUp Health and SAP Health discussed a new collaboration in which they would recruit up to 15 healthcare startups for a program giving them access not only to SAP’s HANA platform but also membership in the StartUp Health Academy. The program reflects a desire by SAP to make a greater push into health tech and to make its two-year old cloud-based technology service available to younger health IT companies that might otherwise not be able to afford access to it.

Businesses selected for the program also gain access to other forms of resources and support from SAP in coaching and promotion.

With the deadline coming up next month, here’s the criteria for entrepreneurs interested in the program:

  • Address the needs of life science and/or pharma companies;
  • Focus on breakthroughs in oncology, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases and other chronic or complex conditions;
  • Use SAP technology;
  • Deliver value in the drug chain from research and development to the patient experience;
  • Provide an intuitive user experience;
  • Have customers that can be referenced and have validated outcomes;
  • Apply “leading” technologies and big data; and
  • Have a strong sales and marketing team.

The deadline for companies to apply online is June 14. Healthcare startups can begin the application process here. To learn more about the program, entrepreneurs can tune in to an online workshop June 7 at 12 pm ET.

If the healthcare companies using the HANA platform ends up purchasing the technology and services created by startups, SAP and the startup share the revenue.

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Steve Krein, StartUp Health cofounder and CEO, talked about the program earlier this year at the StartUp Health festival, which coincided with the J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference in January.

“What it’s going to do is really allow access to technology, and an infrastructure and a data layer that most entrepreneurs couldn’t access nor get close to afford it,” Krein said of startups’ ability to use the Hana platform. “This streamlines access to customers for entrepreneurs and streamlines access to entrepreneurs for big companies that would otherwise not talk to one another.”

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