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Orange Care Group, Memorial Healthcare collaborate using Epic platform

In an effort to improve the health of the populations they serve, two Florida-based organizations are teaming up to adopt Epic’s Healthy Planet through the Connect program.

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Miami, Florida-based Orange Care Group and Hollywood, Florida-based Memorial Healthcare System have launched a partnership.

Through it, Orange’s accountable care organizations and independent physician association and Memorial Healthcare are collaborating to adopt Epic’s Healthy Planet through the Connect program.

Via email, Orange Executive Vice President and COO Frank Exposito said the collaboration stemmed from Orange’s wish to reduce unnecessary readmissions and increase its footprint in the communities it serves.

“It became increasingly clear that Memorial was committed to better serving our shared population, which resulted in conversations about how to best share data between the two organizations,” Exposito said. “The idea of using a single platform came up as not only the best way to do this but also as a way for us to use Epic’s technology to positively impact all of our patients’ care.”

Matt Muhart, executive vice president and chief administrative officer of Memorial, agreed.

“As a health system, Memorial aims to provide optimal transitions throughout the continuum of care,” he said in a statement. “Launching our efforts in shared technology with Orange was a natural decision as they have proven to be a national leader in the field of value-based care.”

Orange and Memorial claim to be the first independent healthcare organizations to share the Epic platform to better manage patients.

Healthy Planet will create more fluid health records for patients shared between Orange Care Group and Memorial. Additionally, Orange Care Group will be able to separately manage its own individual patients via a care management platform and predictive analytics.

More specifically, Exposito added that Orange will be better able to serve its 45,000-plus patients and over 700 providers using enriched cohort stratification, among other tools.

“The result enhances the care of the patients shared between our two organizations and the care of more than 45,000 patients covered by Orange in three states, including South Florida, New York and New Jersey,” he said. “Additionally, our organization’s providers will be able to access and share meaningful clinical information through Epic’s platform, which includes close to 60 percent of all U.S. patient charts.”

Prior to this partnership, Orange providers did not have access to Epic’s EHR system, though Memorial providers did.

Looking ahead, Exposito said he anticipates a fruitful collaboration.

“We hope to see a substantial increase in prevention, continuity of care, and overall patient wellness,” he said.

Photo: bernardbodo, Getty Images