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Apple is adding medical practice for its employees

Apple has launched a website indicating its interest in medical clinics to serve its employees under the name AC Wellness.

One month after it unveiled a pilot of a health records feature for its Apple Health app with a group of hospitals and health systems, Apple has launched a website indicating its interest in medical clinics to serve its employees under the name AC Wellness. The news was first reported by CNBC.

Health IT blog HIStslk speculated that Apple had actually made good on its rumored plans to acquire Crossover Health which ran medical clinics for Apple.

AC Wellness will initially only serve Apple’s employees in Santa Clara County, where its headquarters are located, according to the CNBC article. Initially, it has two clinics in the county.

The career section lists 10 healthcare professional vacancies from a phlebotomist to nurse practitioner to primary and acute care physicians.

The new wrinkle at Apple would give the company another setting to put its health record product to work. The size of the company’s workforce could also enable it to collect a sizeable amount of health data, assuming they are agreeable to sharing their data, to support the development of more health tech on its mobile devices.

Apple’s move reflects a wider trend. There are a variety of companies that play in the onsite medical clinic space that cater to large and small employees, so many that this sector of healthcare even has its own conference. Their services can include primary care, pharmacies, eye tests, lab tests, physical therapy, dental, and health coaching. Some of the companies in this space include Premise Health and Onsite Medical. These kinds of services have been a growing trend at companies wishing to control healthcare costs and reduce disruption to their workforce by bringing healthcare to the worksite.

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