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Which startups will be showing what they’re doing for cancer care, precision medicine at CONVERGE?

As the MedCity CONVERGE conference in Philadelphia July 11-12 approaches, here’s a look at the innovation that’s taking root in the cancer care and precision medicine sectors presented by health IT and life science entrepreneurs.

Note: This article has been updated from an earlier version.

Healthcare startups have always been at the center of MedCity News’s content and our events are no exception. As the MedCity CONVERGE conference in Philadelphia July 11-12 approaches, here’s a look at the innovation that’s taking root in the cancer care and precision medicine sectors that will be presented by health IT and life science entrepreneurs. is a social network of cancer patients and caregivers. A couple of years ago, the group developed an app referred to as a mobile treatment navigator. The app offers advice on treatment options, relieving side effects, and finding emotional support. Through the network, patients can connect with medical professionals and other patients to get more information on clinical trial eligibility, post-chemotherapy remedies, and other medical advice. Last year Belong inked a partnership with the American Cancer Society. ACS will lead a forum on Belong as American Cancer Society4U. The Belong community will be able to access relevant info and contact the American Cancer Society through the app. Eliran Malki is the CEO and Founder.

OncoPower, a blockchain product from Witty Health, is designed to help cancer patients track their medical data from different providers. Karthik Koduru is the Co-Founder and Chief Oncologist of OncoPower. The physician-designed platform built on block-chain technology uses cryptocurrency to reward patients for medication adherence and offers real-time reporting of side effects.

PolyAurum is a biotech company that seeks to develop and commercialize biodegradable gold nanoparticles for diagnostic and therapeutic indications including cancer, according to the company’s website. CEO Debra Travers sees biodegradable gold nanoparticle technology as having the potential to significantly enhance radiation therapy for cancer patients.

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Seeker Health, founded by Sandra Shpilberg, is intended to use technology to connect patients to clinical trials and help the biopharmaceutical industry accelerate drug development and innovation.

CNS Pharmaceuticals wants to expand therapeutic options for people with glioblastoma. Founder and MD Anderson medicinal chemist Waldemar Priebe wanted to take a powerful class of chemotherapy drugs called anthracyclines and disguise them by making changes to some of the ionic properties to get past the blood-brain barrier. The treatment is in Phase 2 development, according to a recent article. John Climaco is the CEO.

Cubismi Founded by Dr. Moira Schieke, a clinical radiologist, the company developed software that organizes dispersed medical images and other clinical data into a singular framework for precision analytics of a patient’s body.

CytoSavvy is a digital pathology informatics business that developed shape-based modeling segmentation algorithms that do shape and color analysis capabilities to increase reliability, save time, and improve decisions. John Freyhof is the co-founder and CEO.

PotentiaMetrics The predictive analytics business developed products that include MyCancerJourney Outcomes which is intended to provide a personalized range of cancer treatment options and outcomes for patients from hospitals across the country. The product is also designed to improve the way patients work with providers to support more informed treatment decisions. Another is patient navigation tool My Patient Reported Outcomes and Shared Experience or My PROSE. Robert Palmer is the CEO.

3Derm produced an imaging system primary care physicians use to capture and deliver different views of a patient’s rash or other skin irregularity. They store and forward these images to board-certified dermatologists within a health system’s network. Liz Asai is the co-founder and CEO.

Care+Wear produces clothing items that are designed for people with ports and peripherally inserted central catheters or PICC lines and other patients. The company, which won the MedCity ENGAGE Pitch Perfect context last year, recently collaborated with Oscar de la Renta on a hoodie for patients receiving treatment via a central line or port-a-cath. Chaitenya Razdan is the Co-Founder and CEO.

Correction: OncoPower is a blockchain product from Witty Health, not a subsidiary of Witty Health. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.