Final agenda for INVEST 2019 published as MedCity invites speaker applications

The agenda for INVEST 2019 has been finalized as we gear up for our annual flagship conference in Chicago, April 23-24 and invite speakers and startups to apply.

There’s one major change occurring with our annual INVEST conference in Chicago next year aside from changing venues — we are moving from the Four Seasons to the Ritz Carlton.

We will be using innovative formats to present different perspectives.

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To that end, I am excited to announce that we are going to have a head-to-head debate on the consumerization trend in healthcare at the conference, April 23-24.

Speaking in favor of the trend and how it is essential to transform healthcare will be Dr. Stephen Klasko, president and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals and Jefferson Health. Speaking against the trend’s overall impact on healthcare transformation and in controlling costs will be Dr. Sachin Jain, president and CEO of CareMore, a division of Anthem. The debate will be moderated by none other than Lisa Suennen, the prominent health IT venture capitalist.

You can see more of the final agenda here.

We have attempted to bring not only fascinating speakers and industry veterans like Esther Dyson but also allow for room to discuss the biggest issues in healthcare: precision medicine, digital health adoption, blockchain use in pharma as well as the growing importance of data and not devices in the new medtech world.

We are accepting applications for speakers, which you can do here.

As always, at INVEST we will host our Pitch Perfect contest, where we will invite venture capitalist judges to review presentations from more than 40 entrepreneurs who are selected through an initial application process. To apply, please click here. The application deadline is Jan. 15.

Even at this early date, there has been outsize interest in INVEST 2019 and tickets are selling fast. To save $500 by the Dec. 11 deadline, please register here.