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Veta Health acquires licensing rights to two of Boston Children’s Hospital’s homegrown solutions

Veta gets the licensing rights to TriVox Health, a disease management platform, and HelpSteps, which connects people to health and human resources services in an effort to reduce well-being disparities.

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Veta Health, a New York City-based startup that helps connect clinicians and patients outside traditional care settings, has announced a strategic alliance with Boston Children’s Hospital. Through it, Veta has acquired the licensing rights to two of the hospital’s homegrown solutions: TriVox Health and HelpSteps.

TriVox is a disease management platform that offers remote monitoring, real-time analysis and tracking of patients’ disease symptoms and responses to therapy. HelpSteps connects people to health and human resources services in an effort to reduce health and well-being disparities.

To date, the two platforms have reached more than 40,000 users.

In responses to emailed questions, Veta Health co-founder Tanvi Abbhi pointed to numerous ways in which her company will leverage the capabilities of the solutions.

TriVox utilizes patient-reported outcome data as well as data visualization tools. “We will marry these capabilities with the automation and responsiveness of the Veta Health platform, which enables us to give patients the tools and context needed based on where they are in their care journey,” she said.

In addition to assisting individuals, HelpSteps is also a referral platform that providers can use to direct patients to the help they need. It has partnered with numerous organizations such as the Boston Public Health Commission and the Greater Boston Food Bank. Abbhi said Veta Health wants to grow HelpSteps’ work beyond Massachusetts.

Looking ahead, TriVox will be “fully integrated” into Veta Health, Abbhi said, adding that HelpSteps will keep functioning “as an independent platform that is offered to Veta’s existing customers as an add-on.”

Veta, which is part of the MassChallenge HealthTech 2019 cohort, has a digital platform that lets providers, patients and care partners contribute to a patient’s journey. The tool utilizes existing data sources and patient-generated data.

Abbhi noted that Veta’s strategic alliance with Boston Children’s was suggested by the hospital’s management, who learned Veta’s work overlapped with TriVox’s capabilities. “Upon further discussion with the TriVox founder, we learned that our systems had different strengths that could be combined and deployed at scale (beyond BCH),” she said. Her company has also been supported by Boston Children’s Hospital’s innovation arm.

In a statement, BCH chief innovation officer John Brownstein commented on the alliance:

The patient care journey is about more than the time patients spend in the four walls of the hospital or doctor’s office. Extending care to the patient’s time away from traditional care settings is crucial to improving long-term health outcomes. Given the significant strides that Veta Health has taken in the effort to improve ambulatory care through protocol-driven clinical pathways and the tremendous work accomplished by TriVox Health and HelpSteps to date, the potential of these platforms uniting is tremendous.

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