Providence St. Joseph Health establishes for-profit population health company

The company, Ayin Health Solutions, aims to equip payers, providers, employers and government entities with the expertise they need to cut costs, improve care and stay on top of population health efforts.

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Renton, Washington-based Providence St. Joseph Health has created a for-profit population health management company called Ayin Health Solutions, the system announced Monday.

The organization will give payers, providers, employers and government entities the expertise they need to cut costs, improve care and stay on top of population health efforts.

Ayin, a subsidiary of Providence Plan Partners, is already up and running. It was incorporated in December.

Dr. Rhonda Medows, CEO of Ayin and president of population health at PSJH, said Ayin currently serves about 1.2 million lives. In 2019, the company expects to achieve $30-$35 million in revenue. In the next three to five years, Ayin expects its total revenue to hit the $250-$300 million mark.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Ayin provides a whole host of services to clients:

  • Strategic consulting. Ayin helps clients do an assessment of their clinical and operational performance and project how pop health will impact the organization.
  • Information technology. Ayin can use clinical and operational data to pinpoint trends and gaps in care.
  • Healthcare intelligence. This involves making sense of the data and visualizing it to identify opportunities to improve outcomes.
  • Quality management. Ayin will harness data and insights to achieve consistent provider quality.
  • Care management. This offering involves integrating payer and physician data points and implementing personal touches to drive behavior change.
  • Benefits management. Through this service, Ayin helps clients manage their employee health benefits.
  • Network management. The goal is to build a network of employed and affiliated physicians who meet the community’s needs.
  • Pharmacy management. This service helps clients optimize utilization via aligned incentives, network management and provider collaboration.
  • Bundled payment decision support service. Ayin can determine which bundled payment programs customers should participate in based on past performance and other metrics.
  • Utilization management. This offering helps clients manage their total cost of care with expert medical professionals’ recommendations.
  • Risk adjustment. With this service, customers can secure costs and improve outcomes with risk evaluation tools, comprehensive reporting and provider engagement.

Not all of Ayin’s clients need all of its services, Medows noted. It’s key to determine what clients want, as well as how the offerings can best be coordinated and integrated.

The company’s customers include Avera Health, a Medicare Advantage plan in South Dakota and Idaho; Western Health Advantage, a Medicare Advantage plan in California; Yamhill Community Care, a coordinated care organization serving Medicaid members in Oregon.

Moving forward, Medows said Ayin’s plans are to continue expanding. “We would like to be in as many states as possible, working with as many clients as possible,” she said. “That’s exciting for us.”

Photo: Rawpixel, Getty Images