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Is this the moment of truth for virtual care?

A look at some of the developments that have helped telehealth and telemedicine evolve, including policy issues, collaboration deals and some of the players in virtual care. 

Although momentum for virtual care through telemedicine and telehealth has been building for years, availability and access are on the rise as regulatory hurdles at the federal and regional level are addressed.

The public health crisis presented by Covid-19 has vaulted virtual care to the forefront of the national dialogue. CMS has waived requirements that out-of-state providers be licensed in the state where they are providing services, further opening the door to telehealth services that  cross state lines. The changes apply to both Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Could this crisis move virtual care into mainstream medicine and wider use by providers and patients? What will be the ramifications  for telemedicine when the coronavirus passes? Will it be an indispensible service or will it prove to be a poor substitute for in-person  care and require a rethink? Will adoption accelerate or will it lag once the public health emergency passes?

No matter the answer, this is a critical moment for virtual care.

In this eBook, we highlight some of the recent developments in virtual care that have helped this sector of healthcare evolve, policy milestones, look at the current landscape and illustrate some of the players in virtual care.

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