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Survey: Health insurers need to bridge communication gap with members

A survey of consumers with health insurance spells out how they want payers to communicate with them and how frequently. It also touches on the impact of Covid-19 on care delivery.

A survey from HealthSparq reveals that payers need to up their game if they want to keep their members engaged. Nowhere is that more true than the way they reach out to their members and how frequently. The Annual Consumer Sentiment Benchmark Study reveals that email is the most popular medium for people to get updates from their health plan, according to the majority (59%) of respondents. Despite this, only 38% said they get an email from their health plans one or more times per year. Other preferred communication channels were:
  • Updates via text messages: 22%
  • Regular mail: 39%
  • Phone: 31%
Of the 1,020 men and women surveyed, 60% said they had transparency tools that enable them to access healthcare costs through their health plan (up from 45% in 2019). That figure jumps to 71% for those with high-deductible health plans. The majority of people with access to these transparency tools through their health plans are keen to use them: two-third have used these tools in the past 12 months. The white paper also shares insights on member priorities, how the Covid-19 pandemic is changing the way consumers access healthcare, and more. To download the report, fill in the form below.